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These unique crystals also have some metaphysical properties that are attributed to their rare crystal growth formations when present. The most often-seen forms are Twisted (Spiral) Crystals, Phantom Crystals & Growth Interference Crystals. All of these crystal growth forms can rarely occur together in the same crystal and when encountered, these crystals are highly sought after.

Etching quartz effectively increases the surface area of the crystal.  Within the earth, sometimes other materials that are more alkaline dissolve tiny rivulets of the quartz as they flow over the crystal.  The results can look like Egyptian hieroglyphics, or strange alien languages, but are not.

Etched crystals are used to mystically contact ancient and lost civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and others. They are said to contain healing information, and healing techniques info, particularly from ancient and lost civilizations. These are excellent crystals for personal meditation, enhancing personal development and to personally help others.

Etched quartz crystals are personal talismans with a single, incredibly important use - they increase our self-imposed boundaries by showing us how to make tiny changes in our lives that add up to major improvements in our relationships.


Anyone can benefit from the subtle energies of healing, but it is not meant as a substitute for seeking medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner. The information about the metaphysical properties of stones on this website is intuitive and not scientifically verified. This field is speculative and exploratory. Individuals need to use discrimination to determine what is true for them. We cannot guarantee any results with any stone or jewelry item. We do not advocate the use of stones as a substitute for medical or psychological care. Our stones are not intended to treat or cure any disease.

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