(Typical Examples)

These crystals are rare flat Quartz crystals with two of the opposing sides being larger and wider, with notches on one or both of the flat sides. They are often double terminated and on occasion can be seen in clusters. They are a very high vibration crystal, rarely recognized for the power that is instilled within it. Tabulars have a different energy frequency than any other Quartz configuration and their full potential has not yet been properly acknowledge or utilized. Rubbing the fingernail in a “downward” motion across the notches of the Tabbie, produces an opening of the crystal. This opening is similar to opening file drawers and one can then access the information which is contained within the crystal. Closure of this opening is achieved by rubbing the fingernail in an upward motion across the notches. In addition, this crystal is used to activate other crystals and minerals. One way to accomplish this is to hold the Tabbie in the “hand of preference” and to rub the notches in a downward motion, while holding the other stone in the other hand.

Tabbies are a connecting communicator which strives to equalize energies. A Tabbie can be held in each hand to balance the energy flow in the body. They are wonderful marriage counsellors, as they help to bridge any gaps in communication or sharing. Double terminated Tabbies can be used in telepathic communication between two like-minded people. Tabular crystals often times become personal meditation pieces or private teacher crystals because they establish such a strong link between to the higher self. They will attract themselves towards the people who can best attune to their frequency and benefit from their power.

Recognized as a flat crystal, usually with etching or notches (major striations) on one side. If the width is not at least twice the depth (thickness), it isn't a tabby.

They are "high frequency" crystals, and those who can resonate with those frequencies psychically, find a plane of information and rich thought forms.

This is the ultimate crystal for communication and information retrieval. This is probably due to its ability to "ground" diverse energies, forming knowledge from which to perceive the world and ourselves more clearly. Extremely useful in developing psychic faculties.


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