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Skeletal ~ Hopper Crystals may also be referred to as Elestial, Hopper, or Jacare crystals. They exhibit unique internal and external growth features resulting from unstable conditions during crystallization. A large majority of these crystals cooled down too quickly to be able to completely fill in. The skeletal growth features occur most often in the macrocrystalline quartz varieties of Clear Quartz and Smoky Quartz. They occur more rarely in Citrine and Amethyst crystals. Also may be commonly observed in Salt, Gold and Galena crystals. Skeletal crystals often form with a geometric pattern of lines, depressions, holes, and raised terminations etched into their surfaces. Clearly visible cavities, commonly in geometric patterns, can be seen internally. These cavities may contain clay minerals of various colors, along with other solids. These cavities may also contain gas bubbles and water, more commonly known as fluid inclusions or enhydros. The internal cavities, or chambers, often have a layered appearance. The layered cavities are sometimes so pronounced that the crystal appears almost hollow, or "skeleton-like." This is why the name "skeletal" quartz was given to these crystals. Occasionally these cavities or chambers contain solid, liquid, and gas inclusions. There may also be any combination of the three forms of matter within the same cavity or chamber. These inclusions in quartz are usually quite small and not visible to the unaided eye. Strong magnification and good lighting is highly recommended when observing these crystals. Many of these inclusions show actual movement within their chambers. Again, strong magnification is usually needed to see these movements. The details of these crystals, inside and outside, can be very intricate and complex.

Skeletal is commonly used as a synonym for elestial, but while sharing some of its defining and metaphysical properties; it is a distinct quartz formation. Most elestials are not skeletal.

Skeletal quartz is characterized by geometric depressions (and therefore raised patterning), which produce pronounced external etching and internal cavities. These internal spaces combine to give an overall skeletal appearance. The edges grew more quickly than the faces, so the edges stand out like the frames of a window. Crystals that grow very quickly often develop skeletal growth forms.

Skeletal quartz allows for deeper vision, clairvoyance and access to the inner working of things. It is an excellent stone for the shaman and mystic, who have utilized its properties for journeying. It possesses the properties of the elestial and gateway formations.


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