(Typical Examples)

Rainbow Crystals can be recognized by the reflection of rainbow light inside of the crystal. The clouds and inclusions within the crystal are caused by water vapor, gases, or internal fractures that occurred during the crystal's natural evolution. These beautiful Stones produce the full spectrum of color as the white light of healing and perfection is taken into the crystal and reflected out as the individual rays of the rainbow.

Another type is where the contact side of two crystals growing side by side and not merged as twins will form a rainbow due to the joining faces of the crystals being so tight together.

The Rainbows within the crystal create additional energy, as they remind us of the incredible transformation of the light. The new energies made available by these colors can be used in healing any or all of the chakras.

They are excellent for dealing with negativity and self-doubt, as the rainbows remind us that love is within the life one experiences at every moment. The Rainbows promote hope, happiness, optimism, peace, creativity and respect.

Rainbow crystals help one deal with and/or draw out negativity. They can lighten one's mood and bring happiness. They can be used to remove negative energy for a person, environment, or situation. They are excellent for people dealing with grief or depression. They can help one see the positive in suffering or illness. They can be used in healing with any or all chakras.

To see the positive in suffering is easily discussed, but usually achieved with difficulty and hindsight. As always this principle is displayed perfectly by nature, here in the rainbow quartz crystal. Some stress or violence caused fractures within what may have been a "perfect" stone. When the light contacts the fractures, instead of seeing imperfection, we see the mystery of white light separated into the seven colours of the rainbow.

“[Rainbow crystals] produce the full spectrum of color, white light of healing and perfection being dispersed into the individual rays of the rainbow; this dispersion facilitates use of the rainbow crystal on any and all chakras...Crystals containing these internal fractures have certain prismatic effects which produce powerful rainbows within the crystal, giving additional energy which is lacking in a "crystal clear" specimen."


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