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Twin Crystals are recognized as a growing-together of two or more individual crystals such that certain portions of each crystal are in parallel alignment and other portions of each crystal are in reverse positions with respect to each other. Twin Quartz Crystals (All) come in a variety of formation types (SEE BELOW FOR TYPE LIST). In addition to the properties listed for each individual type of twin formation, they all share some similar properties.

The Twin Crystals (or Parallel Growth crystals), also known as the Soul Mate Crystal or Tantric Twin can be recognized by two points that share a single base or two points sharing a common side. The Twin does not need to mirror in height or faces. These crystals promote loving contact, tender communication and togetherness. Twins teach us to blend with all life and realize that our soul is wed to all beings. This particular crystal is doubly fascinating as it has two smaller crystals protruding from the twins. These protrusions are called Inner Child crystals or Penetrators. There is one in each of the twins.

Parallel Growth crystals overlap as they grow. The crystals do not have all six sides due to the overlapping. They often appear as a series of crystal growing out of a crystal.

Parallel Growth crystals are used rather extensively in divination.  In fact their primary power is to bring us the ability to see different outcomes from our actions so we can choose the wisest path. 

Some Parallel Growth crystals have many small crystals growing from a single large one.  These are primarily used for aiding our efforts to choose a major life future. 

Use them to help in projects such as selecting a college, a major area of study, or a new city in which to live. 

Careful study of the crystal with the options in mind will help focus your energy to allow a wise choice.  The growth crystals that have but one or two additional crystals growing from another are primarily used for choosing from one or two specific paths.


Japan Law Twin

Japan Law Twin crystals are one of the less well known quartz configurations. They form in two different configurations... one where the stone is V shaped, with have a thin tabular aspect, and another formation where they look a little like a butterfly.

A crystal in which two single crystals, usually broad flattened prisms, (and one a penetration twin), are joined in the same plane at an angle of about 84 degrees. Japan Law Twins are very expensive quartz crystals that are used in both meditation and in divination. 

These twins hold the unusual energy to see help us see that every problem has more than one angle to its solution.  They teach us to look at things from a new angle to see solutions that were not originally visible.

Japan Law Twins are also divination crystals.  They help us discern the future of our efforts.  We will have unintended consequences from almost any action or plan.

A Japan Law Twin crystal will help you understand the “shadow” of your decision and its consequences. 

Soul Mate or Soulmate


Contact twin crystals same size NOT growing from common base, each with separate terminations, parallel growth, joined on one side by contact. A Soul mate or "Soulmate Crystal" as they are sometimes called, is a well-named Quartz formation that is filled with the Life Force of the Planet Earth.  A Soul mate crystal is a very powerful crystal formation used in both healing and mediation. It is also used frequently as a talisman in efforts to find one's soul mate.

In meditation it is effective in efforts to focus and amplify your efforts to keep a relationship sound.  It will help you find ways to solidify a relationship and make it strong.

The Soul Mate crystal should always be kept in an area of a home that needs to be a place of unity. Bedrooms are really the best location for soul mate crystals to be kept.

Its uses in healing are not in physical healing, but in relationship healing.  Use these in joint effort to understand loved ones, actions and attitudes.

Used properly these crystals will keep minor differences from becoming major conflicts.

As a talisman these crystals are used in daily efforts to keep a place free of disharmony among family members. 

Twin Flame

A Twin Flame is two crystals that joined at base but flare out into a V shape. These crystals reflect the twin desires of love and peace.

Twin Flames are highly desirable crystal formations that seem to have an abnormal attraction.   To some they appear as cross swords, to other, a gate, to even others, a goal marker.

Mostly, however, they are twin spires of desire standing equally, and conveying the message from the Spirit World, that love and peace are the ultimate goals.

If you seek acceptance, friendship, love, acceptance, friendship, joy, or a feeling of peace with yourself and your world, use a Twin Flame as a mediation crystal.  You will find what you seek.

Tantric Twin

A Tantric Twin is a formation of two crystals approximately the same size growing from a common base with separate terminations, and parallel growth. If they crystals are not growing from a common base they are Soul mates. Tantric Twins are true twin crystals. They are siblings and have the Universal Life Force of togetherness, cohesion, brotherly love, common heritage, and family.

Tantric Twin crystals are thought to bring the power of resolution to family issues. Some people use them to keep families together by placing them in prominent parts of their home.


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