(Typical Examples)

Inner Child or Penetrator Crystals are similar to a bridge in which a small crystal is growing out of a much larger one.  The crystal is mostly contained within the larger one with only a small amount of it extruding. If the smaller one is only slightly included within the larger then the crystal formation is a Bridge.  If the smaller crystal is completely contained within the larger one, it is Manifestation Crystal (SEE BELOW). Some inner child formations have a very small crystal growing from a much larger one and the appearance is that of a trigger.  These are sometimes called Triggers, they are a form of inner child. 

The smaller crystal(s) represent the child within and this configuration resonates a frequency that is excellent for work with any unresolved childhood traumas or buried memories connected to being a human child. These loving stones remind us to keep in touch with the "child-like" parts of our nature, and that play is an essential part of our overall growth. These crystals are also an excellent choice for parent-child relationships, enhancing the vibration of unconditional love and acceptance.

Inner Child Quartz crystals are special crystals used for reminding us that we are both what we were and now what we are. 

These are excellent meditation crystals for use in reminding ourselves that the joy and simple pleasure in the world we experienced as a child is still there, we must only see it.


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