(Typical Examples)

Included Crystals are recognized by other minerals inside the crystal. Included crystals enhance inner qualities. Other properties vary by type of inclusion.

Recognized by the presence of other minerals within the quartz structure. In Celtic quartz these are chlorite, pyrite, gold and undefined black inclusions - graphite and/or black tourmaline. However, all quartz can contain a variety of minerals; many of the most useful are described here.  

"Each inclusion in quartz provides the extra properties of that included mineral to work "hand-in-hand" with the properties of the quartz"

The included minerals work in harmony with the qualities of quartz, providing the additional properties of the mineral. These properties are then amplified and structured by the quartz in such a way that they can be more easily utilized for healing.  The ability of quartz to be programmed means greater direction can be given to the vibration of the included mineral. This is done primarily through clear intention.

A brief summary of the properties of the included minerals will give the clearest insight into the uses of these crystals.

Undefined Black Inclusions (carbon, graphite and/or black tourmaline) 

Black inclusions enable the clear quartz to act as a powerful cleanser and activator of the base chakra, increasing physical vitality. Graphite, as an efficient electrical conductor, increases the flow of energy in healing and can be used to align the chakras. 


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