Enhydro meaning there is fluid, carbon or gas pocket within the crystal. The fluid can be very old and more than likely very pure. An Enhydro will assist one in recognizing and/or understanding the true feelings of another, supporting the empathetic nature. It contains a life sustaining energy, assisting in healing in many ways.

If you pierce the enhydro quartz to get the liquid, you destroy the crystal's uniqueness and power.  Trying to get the ancient liquids and their knowledge and power destroys their crystal and mixes them with the mundane. 

Dig too deeply into the secrets and hidden places of others and you risk damaging yourself, others, and your relationships. 

Enhydro is Greek for "water within". These are crystals that contain pockets of pure water, mysteriously trapped in ages gone by. Water has been found in chalcedony, agate and quartz and is usually perceived by the presence of moving gas bubbles in the water. Very occasionally, there are pockets of water with no bubble but a tiny floating inclusion. It is possible to have water pockets with neither bubbles nor inclusions. While these are Enhydros, they can be very difficult to identify as such.

As water has always indicated the emotions in terms of the 4 elements (earth-body, water-emotions, air-mind, fire-spirit), these crystals can have a profound effect on our emotional life. Water that cannot move becomes stagnated - as emotions that cannot be expressed stagnate. Enhydros contain water trapped in very limited space, but the water has remained clean and pure for millennia. The signature of these crystals indicates a protection and purification of the emotions.

The combination of water and quartz in this way is an extremely valuable and powerful tool for those with an understanding of the properties of both. The ability of water to instantly hold subtle impressions, and the ability of quartz to structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform those impressions, has extensive possibilities.

"[Enhydros] also contain a life sustaining energy; initiating adaptability in situations which could, otherwise, become stressful...It is strength to help other minerals perform in the requisite manner. This mineral can help one to put oneself in the shoes of another, and to recognize and understand the true feelings of that person.... The Enhydro assists in metamorphosis and continued change throughout all times, it provide for concentrated determination of both the acceleration and the ease of reformation of self.....In Healing, it is useful to have an Enhydro available; it assists in bringing the body to the state or specified condition that one is attempting to attain."

Enhydro are mediation stones of acceptance and unquestioned love.  They relieve doubt, restore faith, provide self-confidence and bring peace and loving acceptance to relationships plagued by doubt, distrust, and worry.


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