(Typical Examples)

A Dolphin Crystal may best be defined as a "Host crystal with smaller, similarly aligned crystal(s) "riding" along one of its sides. One or both may be doubly-terminated."

Dolphins are crystals of teaching, sharing, enlightenment, nurturing, watchfulness, playfulness, and responsibility.  They are eagerly sought to teach us how to fulfill our natural responsibilities to the generations that follow.

It symbolizes the protective and loving energy radiated towards those who are vulnerable and defenseless.

We are part of our species growth and development.  We have a part to play in assuring that growth continues, and that our species develops in a meaningful, and secure manner. 

Dolphin crystals are used extensively in meditation when one seeks to find ways to pass on knowledge, and to learn one's place in the natural evolution and growth of their family, and larger community. 

As a personal talisman, they make excellent aids in focusing and applying our efforts to educate, teach, and guide the young.

Note: Example photo shows multiple dolphins attached to the large crystal.


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