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The Channeling Quartz Crystal has a large seven sided face located in the center front position of the terminated end of the crystal and a triangular face located on the opposite side of the crystal. Along with the triangle, there are usually other smaller crystals projecting out of the backside. Seven is symbolic of the student, the mystic, and the seeker of deeper truth. Seven is the number of mystical truths that are realized when detachment is attained. The large seven-sided configuration is the doorway through which inner truth can be revealed. The number three represents the power of speech and the ability to creatively and joyously express. “Channeling” is a word being used frequently today and can mean different things to different people. In reference to the Channeling Crystals, it means channeling and expressing the source of truth and wisdom from the depth of the soul with knowledge and pure intentions. The Channeling Crystals are here to teach us how to tap into the wisdom within ourselves, access truth and then bring that forth through verbal expression. Channeling crystals can be used for: meditation, allowing us to gain both inner clarity and wisdom.

The main, front face is large and seven sided. Its opposite, rear face is a smaller triangle.

Seven indicates wisdom and mysticism. Three indicates understanding what appeared irreconcilable, by the introduction of another factor/deeper vision. This vision "surfaces" as the triangle is the manifestation of a surface from a line in geometric progression.

The channeling crystal provides for a means of channeling and expressing truth and wisdom from both the inner realms of perfection and other worlds. It is symbolic of the student, the professor, the mystic and the seeker of wisdom. The channeling crystals can be used to access the wisdom from "within and without". They can be used to bring forth light and love from the most truthful and knowledgeable portions of the self. Sometimes there can be an encounter with other entities from which one can learn; always check the information, given by the entity, with the personal inner knowing.

This crystal facilitates a connection between our conscious mind and innate wisdom, as well as other planes of existence. The benefits of such an opportunity would be hard to exaggerate. Very potent, easy to work with and relatively common crystals. Extremely useful for those who have a desire to develop their psychic faculties.

There are 434 different types of channeling crystals.  Each type will connect you to a specific group, entity or source of specialized knowledge within the Spirit world. 

Imagine you find an ancient temple and deep within its sacristy is an altar on which you see a seven layer stack of crystals with each level having seven rows of seven crystals.  You noticed that each crystal seems to glow with a different hue, intensity and saturation of the colors of the rainbow.

But the glowing colors within the crystals are not the colors of the crystals but of the knowledge flowing through them.  This metaphor will help you visualize the 434 types of channeling crystals.

  When you acquire one, of course it will appear clear. However, study it carefully and take the time to determine its hidden hue, intensity, and saturation and keep a careful record of the knowledge it brings you.  Once you have determined its energy, use it for meditation or healing as appropriate. 

You should mark such crystals with black ink near the base to indicate their hue, intensity and saturation so you can use them without undue study each time you need one.


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