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Castellated Quartz is a form of twin with many points and extra facets on the tip. Many of the faces will reflect light at the same angle, giving the appearance of a castle. It is a self-healed crystal. The crystal broke from its matrix or another crystal and continued to grow and heal the rough base or side. It is similar to a Cathedral but lacks the larger center termination of a Cathedral formation.

Castle Quartz crystals can be recognized by the presence of two individual points, where the body of these two crystals are growing together from a common base.

There are specific variations in the quartz configurations of twin crystals. These include Tantric twins... where the two crystals are almost the same height, with the main body of both crystals growing parallel to each other.

Other types of twin crystals are twin soul or Gemini quartz... which grow from the same base rock, but they are clearly separate crystals... growing side by side, yet almost equal in size and height. Any type of twin crystals are excellent to benefit relationships, as they help to create a better flow of emotional energy and balance between partners.

These crystals are not healing tools as such, but are used by you personally to heal your relationships... although they are useful crystals to benefit other types of relationships, such as that between members of a group, as they engender peace and harmony.

Recognized as two relatively parallel crystals growing together and partially merged. They can for as clearly distinct crystals or can be merged to such an extent that they could be mistaken for a single crystal.

They represent unity in diversity. The pinnacle of Vedic theism describes this in Sanskrit as acintya-bhedābheda-tattva, which means the (acintya) being both simultaneously one and different. These crystals give at least a visual clue to this spiritual abstraction.

Twins engender clear communication, harmony and balance in individuals and groups.

"Twins facilitate the building of relationships on all levels, acting to encourage encounters with the soul-mate(s) present during this lifetime."

Being a form of Twin, a Castle Quartz has the ability to focus efforts aimed at unity. But unlike a Soul Mate or Tantric Twin, both of which are used to facilitate unity between two people, a Castle is a unity stone for families in particular.

The Castle Quartz has a single base, just a as member of a family have a common heritage.

These are Feng Shui crystals primarily. They are used to bring the Life Force to family gathering areas and focus energy on unity, common purpose, and harmony.

Castle Quartz Crystals are often found in formations in which several crystals are seemingly at odds with the overall crystal, illustrating the power of differences without loss of harmony.


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